Makeup Or No Makeup? Your choice.

Layers of foundation, painted lips, coloured cheeks and thickened eye lashes.

Now, I do get to hear this is “Oh, she looks beautiful because of the makeup”. Such statements! Such comments coming from people are normal these days but when people call girls who put makeup “fake”, I find it oafishness.  What is wrong if the girl feels confident after wearing makeup? What’s wrong if she desires to look perfect when she wants to go out? Makeup isn’t about just looking good, its equally about feeling good. Some can step out of the door by just washing the face with water, others make sure to spend their own fixed time in front of the mirror while stepping out of the door. If beauty had to lie only into simplicity, girls participating in beauty contests wouldn’t have been spending so much of time and money into buying and applying makeup. All makeup does is enhancement of the features you own, so I don’t really feel wrong about enhancing your features just like enhancing the skills you own is never bad.



If applying makeup can make you feel better, you must. No doubt, the simpler you are the better you look. But this doesn’t imply that wearing makeup does not make you look better if not overused. Its ultimately your inner beauty that matters at the end. But also, not to forget, if it had to be only the inner beauty which had to matter, people wouldn’t have been cleaning and decorating their offices and residential places. So how you wish to look externally is absolutely your choice. Life gives you really a few reasons to be happy about, and if makeup makes you feel happy, go ahead and don’t give a damn to any of those judgement passed.


Whether to look natural or apply makeup is absolutely a woman’s choice, and she shouldn’t be objectified over this. Everything that happens should not be always categorized into right or wrong. Certain things are just done without any intentions of this categorization, and these things are not to be investigated or always judged. If makeup does boost your confidence and gives vibes that make you feel positive, don’t hesitate in putting it on with confidence unless your skin is harmed.


Women who are now on the verge of empowerment and busy proving themselves now and then have a very rare time pampering their own selves. When these women apply makeup, they spare time for themselves, this is the time when they stand before the mirror preparing themselves to look their best because they know to become independent they must be best at everything. So, if you can’t admire don’t call a woman with makeup fake, for she needs to be appreciated for the kind of efforts she takes to look good.

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